THE place to go for Judo in the Triangle!

The sport and martial art of Judo is centered around the idea of maximum efficiency with minimal effort, being able to not only successfully take down the opponent, but to do so in a controlled manner.

Our Judo program began in 2011 offering a home for all the Judoka in the Cary/Apex area. Since then our Judoka have become a serious Judo force in the North Carolina competitive Judo scene. We are the place to learn competitive Judo in the Triangle.

Lead by Black Belt Shawn Madden (3rd Dan under the late Dr. Sachio Ashida), our Judoka learn traditional Kodokan Judo and how to efficiently use it in both self-defense and competition. In class you will learn Olympic style Judo techniques to safely take down and subdue your opponent. You will also learn Kodokan Judo self-defense techniques, which can be used against both armed and unarmed attackers.

  • Learn real-world self defense techniques
  • Gain a new level of self-confidence and awareness
  • Build mental and physical toughness

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